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Aspire Platform Architecture

Learn about how all Aspire platform components interact with each other.


aspire-server is the name for the combination of aspire-lib and aspire-cli. It serves as the reference client for Aspire, and implements support for the core Aspire protocol via a provided REST API and command line interface.


aspireblock provides additional services (required by Aspirewallet and potentially other services) beyond those offered in the API provided by aspire-server. It features a full-fledged JSON RPC-based API, and has an extensible architecture to support custom plugins.


Aspirewallet is a web wallet for gAsp(GASP) and Aspire(ASP). It is being actively developed and currently implements most Aspire features, such as: Fully functional wallet for GASP, ASP, and user-created tokens Custom asset creation Broadcasting data on the gAsp Blockchain Multisig

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